The most powerful gun in the world was developed by the Belgian Fabrique Nationale company. The enormous length makes it rather bulky, but it was the most popular assault rifle in the 20th century. This gun is a favorite in 90 countries. It is accurate, durable and flexible.

The prototype was finished in 1946, introduced by its designers in 1951, and produced two years later. In countries where the rifle was used, the letters FAL became an acronym and is pronounced as one word instead of an abbreviation.

Germany adopted the FN FAL in 1956. FN was happy to accommodate the German special features but refused to sell Germany a manufacturing license. FN had no problems with selling manufacturing licenses and did with many nations. The company just did not trust the Germans only 11 years after the end of World War II. The Germans were adamant at producing the rifle in their country and eventually abandoned the FAL for political reasons.

One thing gun collectors should keep in mind is that many in American have purchased rifles that they believed to be FALs but found to be far from the quality of a true FN. The reality is that most of what is on the U.S. market may look like a FAL but does not function like a true FN FAL. These are usually made from discarded parts and, while FN did use interchangeable parts, building a FAL from new parts or used parts requires much expertise.

FN’s assemblers were true craftsmen had numerous parts at their disposal and decided which to use by subjective feel, like a custom rifle. If one part did not feel right, the worker substituted another one. Unless you have fired an FN FAL or a quality made version as made by DSA, you have not truly experienced the classic FAL.

This is a brief description of the most powerful guns ever made. There is much more information available for those interested in a particular one mentioned here. Some have quite an interesting story that this synopsis could not do justice to. If you are a gun enthusiast or interested in military history, you would probably enjoy reading more about some of these.