HK416 Assault Rifle


In the early 1990’s this rifle was designed and developed as a collaboration between the United States Army’s Delta Force and German firearms maker Heckler & Koch. It was intended to be an improvement on the Colt M4 carbine issued to the United States military with the inclusion of a short-stroke gas piston system such as that of the Heckler and Koch assault rifle.

Delta Force replaced its M4s with the HK416 in 2004 after it was proven that the piston operational system greatly reduces malfunctions and increased the life of the parts. In factory testing, the HK416 fired 10,000 rounds in fully automatic mode without malfunctioning. The gun has been tested by the U.S military and is used by some law enforcement agencies. It was also adopted as the standard rifle for the Norwegian Armed Forces and the French Armed Forces. The cost is high, so this gun is not widely used.

The rifle fires 700 to 900 rounds per minute with an accurate range of 400 yards.