Stoner AR-15


During the early 1950s, the ArmaLite company, a division of Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation of Hollywood, California, was working on a new assault rifle. Their chief engineer was Eugene Stoner whom many considered to be the most talented firearms designer since John Browning. His first attempt was the AR10.

Later, the focus was changed to the 22-caliber rifle and the AR-15 was born. Tests by the Infantry Board found the AR-15 to be much more reliable than the M14 in the development stages but Dr. Carten’s report stated that the AR-15 had not demonstrated sufficient technical merit and should not be developed by the Army. So the Ordnance Corps lost interest in the AR-15.

In 1959, ArmaLitesold the rights to the AR10 and AR15 to Colt, who marketed it to different miltary services throughout the world.

In 1960, Air Force General Curtis LeMay wanted to order 80,000 of the guns and eventually, the gun was retested and approved, and General LeMay got his AR-15s.

Stoner’s family, after his death, asserted that he was an avid skeet shooter and hunter and did not own an AR-15 because he intended it only for military use.

There are many variants available of this gun. A few are the M4, M-16 and the AR- 15. The place of origin of this gun is the United States Of America. The designs of all the variants are same, even the parts used are some, what differs is the accessories. There are versions that fire automatically and are used by military worldwide. The semi- automatic versions are also quite popular as assault-style civilian rifles worldwide.